What is paradox or Bootstrap paradox?

Today with you, we will look at Bootstrap Paradox, one of the most brainwashers of the time paradoxes. “Shoelace paradox”, this paradox is about journeys to the past. The name of the paradox comes from the impossibility of someone holding himself up from his own shoe to the air. The basic idea is that if a time travel to the past occurs, the information and objects at a time can actually exist without inventions.

Bootstrap paradox

 Let’s go through an example.

Suppose you are a scientist. You are sitting in your laboratory with bad mood because you haven’t done any challenges about timekeeping machine and with that mood, you shoot yourself into social media and appreciate the series that you see on Instagram. At that moment, a person who looks a lot like you, but is a little bit older is teleported.Bootstrap paradox

Let us suppose between you happened such kind of dialog:

+Who are you?

-I am you, is that Instagram? Did you know that you are going to marry the person who you will meet there, maybe you just liked his photo.

+ What, who?

Stay calm, staying at home,  unfortunately. At least, until the age of 35, I did not go further in subsequent years.

+1 minute … Time machine?

-Yeah. Now look, my time is short. You managed to invent the time machine. These are complete sketches of the time machine. Take them, turn them into reality, the time machine is ready! The whole world will respect your intelligence. Come on, I got away.Bootstrap paradox

Now if you stop for a minute and think about the problem here, you can actually understand the source of the  Bootstrap paradox very well.

You have completed the time machine according to the given drafts and turned it into reality, the world is proud of your intelligence. Only you know the truth: you did not actually invent the time machine, the drafts were given to you. If you are not the maker of the time machine if the drafts come to you from the future, how did your future situation get drafts?

Let’s give one more example:Bootstrap paradox

While Einstein is sitting peacefully in the room, a man beams into the room. To Einstein: “You’re the one who found the theory of relativity, I admire your work. He said: “I would go to the year when the first time you found the theory of time relativity with the machine, but by mistake, I came to this. ” Then gives the article to Einstein, who had not yet found the theory, which was written by Einstein. Then tells to publish it as his own, because it was already his.

Einstein publishes this article as his own, but inside never feel comfortable about it. Because the writer of the article wasn’t he, it was given him from someone else. If Einstein did not write the article himself, why did the man who came to the room say Einstein wrote it? Who actually wrote the article?

We can see examples of  Bootstrap paradox in the series and films.Bootstrap paradox

For example, Doctor Who’s The Big Bang episode. In this episode, the Doctor is confined to a box called Pandora, which can only be opened with a sonic screwdriver. The doctor comes from future and gives Rory a sonic screwdriver and asks him to open Pandora and rescue him. He goes to the future and persuades the child-Amy to come to the museum where exhibited Pandorica, as child Amy touches Pandorica box opens. The doctor takes the screwdriver from Amy’s pocket and goes to the past and gives it to Rory. In this case, where did the screwdriver first come from?

Apart from that, the part of Johnny B. Goode in “Back to The Future” is also a bootstrap paradox. At Marty’s time, the song has already been written and became famous, that’s why Marty knows the song. But when the Marty plays a song on the ball, the song has not been written yet, and Chuck Berry hears the song , when his cousin who is a member of the band, listening to him. In this case, it is not clear who wrote the song first.

Another brain-burning film in which the Bootstrap paradox is processed is Predestination.Bootstrap paradox

One day a girl is left to the orphanage. They give her the Jane name and grown. One day, Jane meets a man named Jim at school and falls in love; But then they dispute and leave, but Jane is pregnant. The child is born but the same evening someone steals the child. Jane is very sick and the doctor as the only solution, makes an operation to rescue Jane turn her entirely male. Jane gets Jim’s name. One day, he fights with someone in the bar, and the bartender comes over and says, “You are not happy at this time, I have a time machine, do you want to go back?” Jim goes to the past and meets a girl named Jane there, falls in love, but then leaves. One day learns that Jane has a baby, goes secretly and stole the child from the hospital and goes back further with the time machine and leaves her to an orphanage. Then time passes, and after a few jobs change, he becomes a bartender. One day he meets Jim, who is beaten, and he goes and says:

‘You are not happy at this time, I have a time machine, do you want to go back?bootstrap paradox

Here’s the paradox, exactly. Hard to explain, difficult to the concept. The strongest explanation that comes to mind is this:

When the time traveler goes to the past with the information or object in his hand, goes to a parallel universe where Einstein couldn’t find general relativity actually. Einstein, who is on his way to the time traveler, is a lucky individual who will succeed in the success of his parallel state.

Do you have an explanation of this brain-burning Bootstrap paradox? Do not forget to share it in comments!