Enis Cayman(Bomb attack specialist) is one of the most important names in the Krav -Maga war technique. The Krav-Maga, the method developed by the Israeli army, which includes personal defense methods against the hazards that may meet in life.bomb attack

What should you do when doubt that a bomb will explode?

Krav-Maga trainer Enis Cayman shared a list of suggestions on what you should do when you suspect a bomb will explode and suspect a possible bomb attack
1. Try not to get caught standing on the bomb. The bomb makes a v-mark from the point where it explodes. If there is a bomb attack, bomb warning and are going to explode trying to get at least 20-25 meters away and if you can calculate, just lean on the side where your head is in the opposite direction. Protect your head with your arms. Extend your legs and join them diagonally. At this point, your shoe soles may make shields against wine glasses. Crossing your legs make it difficult for you to deflect and protect your groin area.
2. Keep your mouth open at a time of the explosion. So you will reduce the pressure on your lungs during the explosion.
3. If you can, try not to breathe within the next half minute. If you can, stretch out your breathlessness. The chemical effect of the explosive and the hot air created by the explosion can damage your lungs.
4. The first shock will come to you after the bomb explodes. If you are in the open field, wait a few seconds after the shock. Because at that time there will be flying parts.
5. Count till 10 from inside, then get up and move away. If you are close to the bomb gets rid of it, move on the ground until you reach the fresh air. Do not crawl. Because the places will fill with many pieces and they will tear your body down as you go. Instead of crawling, rise above your elbow and push yourself by lifting a leg. Try to progress to reaching clean air this way, and if you can do it by now, do not breathe or breathe a little.
bomb attack6. If you can reach fresh air, get up and go straight to the area where people are less. (Not the bombardier, of course) because it could be a second bomb and it will probably explode in places where people concentrated.
7. After reaching a safe distance (average 50-100 meters) check your body. You may not notice your panic wounds.
8. If you have a child with you, lay on it.
9. You might consider going behind a column to protect against bombs. But if there is a wall in front of this column your head will go into the bigger lions. Because the shock wave of the bombard is sweet on the wall and the brewer directly on top.
10. Remember to help people after you have completely trusted yourself.
Do not forget this world will exist till we live on it. Do not hurt people with the bomb explosion. Let’s make our world more beautiful for future generations.