Big change: what happens to the body if you stop eating sweet?

Do I depend on sugar? What happens if I stop eating sugar? “The question that you can ask yourself right now. We have been warned since childhood about the dangers of drinking alcohol and drugs, but often keep silent about the colossal risks that foods with high sugar content carry. And the word “dependence” in this case is a reality, not an exaggeration. According to a British study of 2013, sugar causes real narcotic addiction. The more you eat, the more you want.

Most of us are familiar with the immediate consequences of excess sugar in the blood – a “brutal” appetite awakens, we suffer from mood swings. But the damage to the body, which sweet diets can inflict over time, is even more depressing: from skin problems to diabetes and heart diseases. The good news is that by giving up sweet captivity for at least a day, we can reverse a lot of harmful processes. Therefore, while reading this material, set aside the chocolate and see for yourself the effect.


What happens if I stop eating sugarThe vicious circle: the consumption of sweet foods causes the desire to eat even more sugar, so one piece of chocolate is very rarely restricted. But if you survive the critical interval in 20-30 minutes and still give up the sweet, the second portion you most likely will not want. What happens if I stop eating sugar only half an hour – and you’re on the right track. After all, as studies of the University of St. Luke in Kansas City show: by limiting yourself to sweet, you three times reduce the risks of dying from a cardiovascular disease. Why? Sugar raises the level of insulin, which increases blood pressure and heart rate.


According to dietitian Lee O’Connor, cravings for sugar as a fuel source for the cell’s energy can be easily overcome with the help of healthy nutrients, healthy fats and fiber, which help to remain alerted and productive.

If you last a day without a sweet, then, most likely, you will find him a pleasant alternative. Vegetables and protein stabilize blood sugar level, harden the nervous system and serve as a guard against mood swings. The dessert already draws less.

What happens if I stop eating sugar


At this point, as a rule, an unpleasant breakdown occurs. Remember that sugar is an addiction? Through 3-4 days you can face an irresistible craving for sweets and, as a consequence, with concern, anxiety, and even the initial stage of depression. Keep yourself in hand, the unpleasant effect will go down after the first week.


You crossed the Rubicon – overcame an important psychological mark and now you feel incredibly good: the mood will improve, more energy will appear in the body, a feeling of lethargy will leave. Pay attention to the skin. Sugar is the strongest activator of inflammatory processes, therefore, eliminating it from the diet, you reduce the risk of acne by 87%!


What happens if I stop eating sugar

Congratulations, you left the dark forest on a sunny meadow – the desire to order a dessert or add a refined tea disappeared, and with it, the memory got stronger. The Californians concluded: breaking the communication between brain cells, sugar affects our ability to store information and learn. A month later, the sweet detox you without a clue call, as the name of the sister of your boss’s wife.


What happens if I stop eating sugar one year – your health will improve. Now the body fully uses all the necessary nutrients to function and does not store sugar – you will probably lose weight seriously. By the way, right now you can quite afford a little sweet “for inspiration”, not being afraid to break. The main goal, according to nutritionists, is that the percentage of healthy food should not be below 80%. Therefore, once or twice a week you can quite make yourself sweet exceptions.