What can tell posture in which you sit. Best posture for sitting

Psychologist claim that language of the body can open secrets of the subconscious. Your sitting position able is more telling others about your character and desires. What is the best posture for sitting.

Pose A

The knees together and the widely spaced feet speak of an easy perception of life. A person sitting in this pose hopes that all troubles will resolve by themselves. If the problem doesn’t resolve, then you need to delegate it to someone else.

But it’s easy and interesting to communicate with them. In them, the spirit of childishness alive, and the creative still there. True, sometimes such people can blurt something out without thinking about the consequences.

Pose B

People who often sit with their legs crossed are dreamers. They have a rich imagination. That persons visualize any of their desires. Everybody consider them as the soul of the company. Constantly gushing with cool ideas, like to travel and easily find a language with new people.

best posture for sitting

A person who crosses his legs while sitting does not wait for Monday or next year to start anything. He plunges into the changes with his head, without hesitation and fear. To change a hair dress? Easily! Change work? Why not! Move to another city? Easy! Once again fall in love? Was not there! It is the best posture for sitting

Pose V

For people who put their feet together, and knees bred apart, the most important thing is a comfort. Someone in their way of life will seem chaotic, but in fact, they are very picky and know exactly what they want.

Their main drawback is disorganization. A person who often takes such a pose, it is difficult to focus on something for a long time. It is peculiar to jump in a conversation from one to another, not having completed any of the thoughts.

Pose G

People who hold their knees and feet together hate to be late. And do not forgive late arrivals. They are intelligent, sensitive and very peaceful. Prefer to retreat, not fight. A public expression of feelings, not about them.

At the same time, if a person leans on the entire foot, he is fairly straightforward and immensely accurate.

If the heels raised, with an emphasis on the forefoot, then, most likely, a person has learned to defend their interests. He will not attack, but he will not let himself be hurt. The outside world for him is a battlefield, and the house is a reliable refuge where one can take a breath.

Pose D

best posture for sitting

People who hold their knees and feet together, but slightly bend their legs sideways, never rush to important things. They are not in a hurry to get married or marry. If they decide to marry, they do not have children for a long time. Because they first need to build a career. They believe that they have plenty of time. Let everything go on as usual. Best posture for sitting at the same time depends from your character.

They are persistent, although many consider this as stubbornness, and are ambitious, which helps them achieve their goals. To feel 100% self-confidence, they should ideally look. Therefore, they pay much attention to their appearance.

In this case, a person who, while lowering the fifth point on a chair, unconsciously occupies this position, normally takes criticism. Of course, if she is friendly and will help her become better.