Beauty tips and  ways to make your skin healthier.

The skin – the largest organ. It protects us, and, itself needs introduce to your attention ways to make your skin healthier.

The sun

The sun’s rays are necessary for normal body function, but precisely the ultraviolet most of all blame for the formation of melanoma – a dangerous skin cancer.

Ways to make your skin healthier for people who live in the south, in the summer you need to use protective equipment. And, of course, it is necessary to protect your skin when you are resting somewhere in the hot sun. It is, among other things, even accelerates the aging. The most harmful thing to be in the sun for over an hour, so if sunbath, then slowly and with interruptions.

ways to make your skin healthier


The lighter your skin, the more protection is needed.

People with fair skin, hair and eyes at risk in the sun longer than the dark-haired. It’s not just about cancer. Wrinkles, loss of elasticity, pigmentation – is also greetings from the sun.


If you appear new birthmark, grow or bulge out old ones, show them to the doctor. Do not remove the birthmark yourself, with demotic remedies, or in beauty salons. Only a doctor.

Firstly, you do not know what to remove: benign formations or worse. Secondly, from these experiments could remain ugly scars.

ways to make your skin healthier


Washcloths, sponges, brushes and scrubs injury and dry skin. Do not use them every day, especially if the skin is sensitive.

Other ways to make your skin healthier is not to push acne! With acne and black points you need to fight in a civilized manner.

Do not get carried away with antiseptics, better wash your hands frequently with ordinary soap. Even, be careful with it, if every day uses soap, you risk getting irritated.

On clothes and bedding after washing should not remain washing powder. Various perfumes and fragrances, dry and irritate the skin. Even if you have no allergies, do not get carried away with the aromatizers or run the additional rinsing cycle of clothes after washing. It is especially significant in the winter when the air on the street and in the room dry.


ways to make your skin healthier

Not everyone needs to use a toner and moisturizer, assures advertising. For example, it is useless for oily skin. Especially first use tonic that matte and dries the skin, and immediately behind it – Moisturizer.

Funds for the skin and make-up it is advisable to check: Apply a small area on the arm, and if there is no allergic reaction, use it.

Baby Care is hypoallergenic and is often suitable for adults. If you cannot pick up the cream, go to the children’s department.