Autumn hair color ideas

What hair color will be in vogue this fall? Recent tell you about the main trends of Autumn hair color ideas

The last few seasons in the coloring reigned complete calm. Firmly established in the technology industry stolette, ombre, and balayage, as well as natural wheat colors hardly allowed competitors even stay briefly at the top of the hit parades of beauty salons. However, this autumn promises to make significant adjustments to the already habitual order of things.


Autumn hair color ideas

A gentle pink shade will suit girls who want to stand out from the crowd. They are not afraid of bold experiments with appearance. A variation of this color on the palette is also pink quartz. Both shades look beautiful and quite impressive, especially on short haircuts. A great alternative to a bored blonde.


In the new season,  another  Autumn hair color ideas are the silvery-ashy shade. It fully meets all the key trends of our time. Inspired by millennials who do not tolerate routine and stability, in the autumn the platinum blond will look especially fresh and unusual. The only thing: platinum does not fit every color.

The fact is that this shade, like no other, accentuates the slightest skin defects, as well as subtle asymmetry and non-standard facial features. Therefore, the choice of color from the silver-ash scale should be approached with caution, having previously consulted with the colorist.


Autumn hair color ideas

A warm color palette very popular with the advent of autumn. In particular, caramel, which is a combination of beige and gold shades. The fans of deep and more intense tones, chocolate and chestnut especially appreciate this option of coloring.

Caramel in combination with a touch of coffee and is a no-lose option for all occasions because it perfectly matches absolutely with all color types. This season, stylists are also advised to pay attention to a combination of espresso with caramel or milk chocolate.


The most unexpected and contradictory shade among the main favorites of the Autumn hair color ideas. The color of red gold last season began to appear on the catwalks and on the streets of the leading fashion capitals. But not all are ready to try on such a bright shade.

Alternatively, you can try to experiment with the brown scale, adding to the main tone beautiful beige accents. Which not only visually add volume to the styling, but also refresh the image a little.


On the question of what color hair is fashionable in 2017, you can with all confidence answer – cinnamon. In the fall, she will return to the salons again, this time in a company of golden honey and champagne of red tint.


As for the most popular techniques in the coloring of the new season, the already familiar ombre, the bronzing and the shatush have come to the back burner. They gradually replaced somre, “tiger’s eye” and balayage.

Technique sombre allows you to create on the curls effect of “sun-kissed hair.” Particularly advantageous is the sunlight glinting on light chestnut and blond curls, as if you just returned from a vacation on the coast.

Balayage confidently holds its position as one of the most popular techniques of coloring the new season. The secret of success in 3D-volume, which obtained by creating a subtle game of light and shadow in the hair.

Autumn hair color ideas

Contrast combination of colors achieved due to the lighter strands that harmoniously look with the dark – the main – the hue of the hair.

Blondes can again exhale with relief: overgrown roots are still one of the key trends. One important point – the effect of burned-out strands in the sun looks advantageous only on structured haircuts.

Therefore, safely decorate the curls with a small cascade and forget about visiting the colorist for the next three to four months.