Already have released new version Gboard keyboard with function instant translation

Gboard beta version became available – branded keyboard from the company Google. In this version added a very useful feature of instant translation.

Gboard Keyboard appeared on devices running Android recently, has already become a favorite tool for text typing in a plurality of users. From today they will be able to switch over to the beta channel updates, and first to know about new program features. For this, go to this link and agree to participate in the testing program.

If you already use Gboard Keyboard program, then after a while itself upgraded to the beta. If you have not installed this app, you will need to open the Google Play and install BETA Gboard manually.

Gboard Keyboard Gboard Keyboard

The main innovation is integration with Google Translate. By clicking on the Google button on your keyboard opens the top row of buttons. Here lies a familiar icon, with which you can enable instant translation of the input text in the appropriate language.

In translating power used service Google Translate. However, keep in mind that the text for translation is sending to a Google server, so do not use this feature when a confidential correspondence.