Alcohol and sex: enemies or allies? Alcohol and testosterone

The influence of alcohol on the sexual life and directly on the course of sexual intercourse is shrouded in a mass of myths. ascertain whether alcohol to help you in bed and what this means.

When it comes to the effects of alcohol on sex, opinions of scientists and physicians always diverge. Mainly this is because the question of the influence of alcohol on sexual intercourse immediately mixed problems of alcoholism, addiction, damage to the reproductive function and many other problems, which is only indirectly related to the main question.alcohol and testosterone

 Alcohol and Testosterone – are incompatible, which means that one certainly casts another.

In simple terms, alcohol significantly inhibits the production of testosterone. It leads to the fact that the concentration of female sex hormones (estrogens) increases and the body of men begin to develop in an uncharacteristic way.

The question that interests us most and the answers to it often remain, as it were, in the background. A whiskey “for confidence”? Wine for a romantic dinner that turns into sex? Or a drunken mess in bed after a night at the bar? How drunk before sex will affect what is happening in the bedroom (in the toilet of the club / in the kitchen / in the bathroom / insert your version)?

Overall Stats

Alcohol leaves you without protection: part one

The study, conducted in 2007 by the University of Washington, proved that under the influence of alcohol, partners more often agree to unprotected sex. At the same time, the more alcohol in the blood of both, the faster this idea will come into drunken heads and the easier it will be supported by the parties.

In a state of alcoholic intoxication, we do not tend to think about the consequences.

And no matter how you deny it’s true.

It is clear that the matter is in dosage. But alcohol can affect sexual desire so that you just do not remember the necessary security measures because of the desire to satisfy the instinct more quickly.

alcohol and testosterone

You regret

A survey conducted in 2014 by Ipsos-MORI on request Family Planning Association showed that 70% of those who felt sorry about his sexual experience, consider drunkenness of one of the main reasons.

You become indecipherable

According to the results of the same survey, on average, 1 out of 10 respondents admitted that sometimes the next morning did not remember there was any sexual intercourse or not and they blame alcohol for it.

28% of the respondents confess that sometimes after “drunk” sex they could not remember the faces of their partner, and also blame excessive consumption of alcohol.

In addition to the general effect of alcohol on sex, there are some effects which are different for women and men. And because sometimes a glass of “for courage” sin all, to talk about men and women is separate.

For men

  1. A small dose of alcohol can help

A small dose of alcohol (150 ml of wine or 50 g of vodka) can inhibit ejaculation and increase the duration of sexual intercourse. And at first it even seems an advantage: a companion can get a quality and long (and sometimes multiple) orgasms, while you are still “in shape”. So it seems until you have moved on to the following points.

  1. You will not get pleasure

Declare that the holiday will not be at all – blasphemy. But the truth is that your feelings of sex under alcohol will differ from the sensations on a sober head. Your orgasm can make you wait a long time, and then be unemotional and dull. And this will only happen the first time.

Alcohol inevitably reduces the quality of spermatozoa and their mobility. That is why fathers, too keen on alcohol, most often children are born with various defects.  Alcohol and Testosterone are not suiting each other.

  1. The situation will worsen

This will manifest itself in two points. First: the alcohol will gradually stop producing the effect of duration. If the alcohol before the sex will become a habit, the quality of everything that happens in bed will inevitably fall. And alcohol will not help you anymore. Second: you harm yourself. Reduced libido, impotence, over time, orgasm will not only become dull: from time to time you will not receive it at all. Further, we go, worse it becomes.

  1. You can forget about some important things

And not only about the protection. You can forget about anything: to take an interest in the age of your companion, to fit into the bounds of decency, not to violate the law – what in a sober state we think unconsciously and, as it were, on autopilot.

On the other hand, this point is not so relevant for those who have a permanent partner.

alcohol and testosterone

For women

  1. It will be easier

You feel relaxed and unfettered. Libido takes precedence over shame, and to yourself, you seem much sexier. You are easy on the rise, you are not hard to laugh, and you are pleased to communicate with others. That’s great, is not it? Read on.

  1. You become more accessible

Your instincts begin to seek satisfaction, and therefore all your emancipation and sexuality is only the consequence of finding a partner. At the same time, the selection criteria for the same alcohol blurred and next morning you may not understand what, how, why and why you did it a night. The following point connected with it.

  1. Alcohol leaves you without protection: part two

You can hurt yourself. Starting with the fact that protected sex can become unprotected, and end with the fact that your state can easily be used. For any kind of purpose.

You become an easy victim

4.It all depends on the dosage

After a large dose, you will be trite to sleep.

Long-term perspective

What does not occur with a single use of alcohol before sex, will inevitably make itself felt, if it begins to be repeated again and again.

As you know, alcohol has a very negative effect on the woman’s body. it manifested in many aspects, including hormonal disorders. Numerous medical observations have shown that under the influence of alcohol, first of all, the development of female hormones slows down, accordingly, progesterone replaces by testosterone. That’s why for women alcohol and testosterone – are incompatible too.

Women who addicted to alcohol, the level of this hormone in the blood is never normal.

Alcohol is not the best helper in sex. it is one of those friends who can easily help you once or twice, but afterward, just easily pierce the knife in the back.

Alcohol has a devastating effect on your life. Be careful.