4 ways how to solve the problem

Hopeless situations do not happen. Recentmagazine.com tells you how to solve the problem in any area of life using a simple algorithm.

Possible solutions

No matter what disturbs you: the choice of a new gadget, the relationship with the partner or the excessive demands of a new chief – you have four ways to get rid of this feeling:

  • Change yourself and your behavior;
  • Change the situation;
  • Resolve the situation
  • Change your attitude to the situation.
  • Undoubtedly, there is an option to leave everything as it is, but it’s definitely not about the resolution of the problem.

All list ended. More, no matter how hard you try not to think of anything. And if you think how to solve the problem, I suggest following these steps.


  1. Formulate the problem in the first person

Problems “The world has not yet created a gadget that I need,” “He does not care about me” and “Chief – the beast that demands the impossible,” unsolvable. But the problem “I cannot find a gadget that fits my criteria,” “I feel unhappy because of the fact that the partner does not care about me” and “I cannot do anything that demands from me Chief” currently fully operational.(Look at too)

how to solve the problem

  1. Analyze your problem

Proceed from the four ways solutions presented above:

  • You can change yourself and your behavior: review your requirements for the gadget, ask a partner to take care or to learn to do something that requires a boss.
  • You can change the situation: to create own such gadget that perfectly matched your criteria, talks with your partner about your feelings or make so that your boss fired.
  • Get out of the situation: decide not to buy a gadget at all, all, broke up with a partner or quit.
  • Change your attitude to the situation: read reviews on forums and assess whether you need just such a gadget; talk to a psychologist, and learn how you can take care of yourself; instead of referring to the Buddhist philosophy, try to accept the nature of the chief, and not to accept his demands close to the heart.
  1. Think about what method suits you the most

Perhaps you will understand that you would like to combine several of them, such as to change your attitude to the situation and then change your behavior. And maybe for beginning, you’ll consider a number of ways to choose. It is normal.(Look at too)

  1. Make a brainstorm after selecting one, two or three ways of how to solve the problem

Take a sheet of paper and a pen. For each method, you can write as much as possible solutions you want. At this stage, give up all the filters (“indecent”, “impossible”, “ugly”, “shame”, etc.) and write down everything that comes to mind.

how to solve the problem


For example:

Change yourself and your behavior

I can not find a gadget that fits my criteria

  • Change criteria.
  • Make the timeout in the search.
  • Write to developers

I feel unhappy because of the fact that the partner does not care about me

  • Ask to show care.
  • Tell how you’d wanted to, he showed concern.
  • Thank him, when taking care

I can not do that demands from me Chief

  • Learn how to do it.
  • To explain why you cannot do that.
  • Ask someone to do it

For inspiration:

Imagine a person who you respect and who certainly would be able to help you. What kind of solutions to the problem, he would suggest?

Ask for the help of friends and friends: brainstorming in the company runs more fun.(Look at too)

  1. Look at the list of all the solutions to your problems

Choose the most suitable for you in this situation.

how to solve the problem

  1. Answer yourself the following questions:

  • What do I need to do to put this decision into practice?
  • What I can prevent and how can I overcome this?
  • Who can help me do this?
  • What will I do in the next three days to start to solve their problem?
  1. Take action!

Without action, all these reflections, and analysis – a waste of time. All must succeed! And remember:

A desperate situation – a situation, the obvious way out of which you do not like.