3 words that help you learn from your mistakes

David Hansson, the founder of Basecamp and author of the book Rework, believes that everyone should take as much responsibility and blame for any errors because only this way you can change and grow.

The simplest thing in the world – blame all others when something goes wrong, as you would like. Analyze every wrong step, point to every flaw. There is little sense in such analysis. To make it really useful, you will have to exert a little more effort, namely, to realize how much you are blaming. It is time to learn from your mistakes.

learn from your mistakes

This approach is especially appropriate if you are responsible for others. “The chip does not go any further” – this motto, which became popular thanks to the 33rd US President Harry Truman, should be remembered now: if you are in power, do not shift responsibility on the subordinates.(Look at too)

But not only leaders need lessons of critical self-analysis. They will not interfere with everyone. If you are part of a team or some process and something went wrong – of course, it’s your fault. You could be more attentive, more doubtful and check everything twice.

There is a reason why this happened, and you are part of this system.

The rubbish does not happen by itself.

Most of the files are a predictable consequence of what happened before. Even if there is a specific culprit, the others allowed him to make a mistake.

The goal is to change the system. To do this, you need to change its parts. Have the courage to start with yourself and learn from your mistakes.

learn from your mistakes

Take on a maximum of responsibility for what is happening. This acceptance is likely to have an impact on other parts of the system. Even if this does not happen, you will still do your bit to improve the situation.

“It’s my fault”. Say it.